Important Update and Move

Thank you for visiting Replace The Ace, a binder program for the FTM community.

Please head over to our new website at to find out more about the program, how to donate, and… drum roll please… 

 Our binder applications have been reopened! 

In addition to this, binder verifications will remain open through July. On July 31st, all OLD requests will expire. Binder verifications will act as NEW requests, with priority based on original request date (as long as we can verify there was an original request).


256 thoughts on “Important Update and Move

  1. Hello. I am gender neutral, and I definitely dont have a flat chest and it really makes me upset. I am out to my parents and a few friends, my mom accepts me but my dad doesnt, but my mom and I really dont have alot of money, and not enough for a binder. Ive wanted one for 3 years after i came to terms with it, and the few friends im out to accept me but were all broke so
    they/them he/him

  2. Hello, I am a 13 year old trans guy. I cannot afford a binder and I have a transphobic father. One of the only reasons I don’t pass is my chest. Once I get a binder and cut my hair (which is in less than a week) I’ll pass extremely well. My only friends also cannot afford to buy me a binder as they are not in the best financial situations. If this program could get me a binder, I’d appreciate it very much.

  3. Hi, my name is Bella, I am non-binary and I don’t have a flat chest. Currently I use ace bandage on my chest to flatten it and it hurts me but it helps my dysphoria. I can’t bind because I have a port in my chest and my family doesn’t believe me that I am trans, they just say I’m faking it and that hurts me more.
    I really need a binder because it will help so much and I would be so grateful to get one.

  4. Hey, I’m Connor and I am a 14 year old trans dude. Well I am literally here because I have no other options pff. My parents (any of my family really) are super transphobic and homophobic and I recently came out to them. Of course this didn’t go to plan and they lashed out at me and now I am staying with a friend until further notice. I have tried many other options on trying to get my hands on a binder or even sports bras but it is becoming more of a struggle as I can hardly leave the house due to dysphoria and not having any way to buy it online. Okay that’s it I suppose.

    I really appreciate this website and what yall are doing is amazing so keep it up haha.

  5. My name is Felix and I recently came out to my mom and brother and he didnt take it well but my mom did, she’s not my legal guardian and she doesn’t have any money and I can’t tell me dad who is my guardian because he won’t understand, ive been using sports tape and ace bandages and its works but really messes up my back

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