Important Update and Move

Thank you for visiting Replace The Ace, a binder program for the FTM community.

Please head over to our new website at to find out more about the program, how to donate, and… drum roll please… 

 Our binder applications have been reopened! 

In addition to this, binder verifications will remain open through July. On July 31st, all OLD requests will expire. Binder verifications will act as NEW requests, with priority based on original request date (as long as we can verify there was an original request).


119 thoughts on “Important Update and Move

  1. Hi, my name is Ashton. I am in tremendous need of a binder. I have attempted to come out to my parent and ask for help to no success. I have needed a binder badly and have been looking for one for over a year and a half entering giveaways and programs. Also no luck there. I hope one day I can get a binder as my dysphoria is very intense and I want to better my self esteem and masculine presentation. Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. I am in desperate need of a binder. My mother is severely transphobic and I recently came out to her.. big mistake. My father isn’t in the picture and I have little to no money in my name. My mother won’t help me out.

  3. Heya, my name is Quinn and I am trans non-binary. I’m not quite sure how I would go about filling out an application especially because others have been looking for years for a binder, whereas I have only been looking several months.

    I have in fact asked for a binder from my very homophobic mother, yet as you could imagine, that didn’t work out. I was almost kicked out (I’m 14) and I am constantly misgendered and misadressed name wise. I understand that others have had so much worse when it comes to being accepted, but things could’ve gone smoother on my end as well.

    As someone who has struggled with body disphoria for years that eventually led to countless scars up and down my legs, the one thing I can control is the way my chest looks. But, I can’t do that with support. So, I’m here. Writing this request/comment because I need this. I need a binder. I can’t buy one, I’m broke. I can’t get one from a store, my mom would find out. This is my way to get what I need.

  4. Hello my name is Wesley
    I’m 13 years old and I’m a transboy/nonbinary transperson
    I don’t have money to buy a binder, and I live with my mom who doesn’t like the fact that I’m trans.
    I’ve asked her for a binder, she obviously said no.
    I just recently (about a month ago) found out that I’m transgender.
    when I was a little kid I acted/dressed pretty androgynous, then I was really girly, then I liked only black and white, and now I’m trans.
    My mother is also abusive, she’s been abusing me for most of my life, physically, emotionally and mentally. no, I haven’t cut, but I have attempted suicide 2 times. I only have mild dysphoria, I’m not even sure if I can get a binder because of that.
    I would really appreciate it if i could get a binder, it would make me more confident and also help with my transition.
    Thank You.

  5. Hello, my name is Andrew and I’m in desperate need of a binder. I live with very unsupportive parents and I don’t have the money to buy one due to financial difficulties

  6. Hello my name is Tom, I am 14, and I’m in desperate need of a binder. My Dysphoria is gotten so bad that I can bearly shower anymore. My father is unsupportive and hates the fact that I am this way. I am currently unable to afford my own binder and have no job. I would love a binder. Thank you for your consideration

  7. Hi, I’m Ren. My parents won’t buy me a binder because they don’t like the idea if trans teens. My parents also won’t buy me a binder and don’t think I need one. It would be great to get a binder because of who I want to be and to help with the mild dysphoria I get because of it. Thank you

  8. Hey my names b and my parents are extremely homophobic and non of my friends support me but my disphoria has gotten to the point of harmful thoughts and I’ve been wearing ace for weeks at a time because i can’t take it off without hating my body

  9. I’m a ftm trans guy, with extremely homophobic parents. Every other conversation its “Trannies are gross.” “Gays are disgusting” “why cant the lgbt people just be NORMAL?” And because of this im not really.. allowed. To be who i am. My story is actually really.. not that bad, reading through other comments.

  10. My name is ahtum but my prefered name is Mitch I’m non binary and frequently bounce between Femanine, masculine and androgynous fashion styles. My family doesn’t support it on any level and won’t even allow me to cut my hair let alone buy a binder. I’m working on moving out of my abusive home to be safe on my own and need all the money I can for my new place but my double sports bra isn’t cutting it anymore and I need a binder. It would make the world of a difference to me to get a binder but there are kids in more dier need of a binder so if you could help me I would love it but I’m not a priority. Thank you for your consideration

  11. Hi, my name is Ryder. I am transgender and I want a binder. I have a homophobic mom and not enough money to pay for one. I wear a double sports bra but it isn’t enough. If you are able to help me i will very grateful.

  12. my name is Sam. I am fifteen. I identify as non-binary but I cant tell my family because they can barely stand the fact that I like females. they make comments on my body a lot, including my chest, which I don’t like. I want to get a binder but I don’t have any way to get the money for one because they won’t let me get a job. My friends are pretty accepting of my trans boyfriend but they don’t understand or respect me being non-binary. Honestly, I hate my body and I’m trying to find a way for me to accept my body a little bit more.

  13. Hey, I’m Rideley, a FtM guy and I live with my mom and my stepdad, my mom who is perfectly fine with gays but, she HATES trans and i tried to tell her one day and she beat the crap out of me for it, i didnt even get the words out to tell her, she just suspected and then sent me to my dads for a bit to get him to scare me out of it, i cant help who i am, luckily for me he and jenny (his wife) are supportive-ish as mostas they can at the moment, and they cant afford, and even if they could they won’t get me a binder in fear of my mom keeping me away from them and my sisters, my little brother, bless his wonderful heart, was like “i got $30 dollars for christmas! tell me what store, WE COULD RUN INTO WALMART!!!!!” and yes, some Walmarts do carry binders, but unfortunately i live in the country south where there are a lot of close-minded hicks, so long story shot ours nor any close by Walmarts will carry them, and they aren’t even good quality… i really need a binder to help with this dysphoria, i have a friend who wants to help me but, it’s his only binder and he needs it more than i do, he seems soo happy and comfortable with himself when he wears it, i too want… no… need that feeling aswell, i dont want to “steal” that away from him. i would be so ecstatic, overjoyed and pleased to recive a binder!
    please keep me in mind,

  14. hi im alex ftm guy i live with my mom and her boyfreind and they are not really sportive of me and i feel like with this binder i can be the best person i want to be and i been looking for a binder for months and been on the waiting list for so long and i hope i can get this binder

  15. Hey,I’m Asher. I really need a binder. I’m genderfluid(or a trans boy I’m still questioning) but I don’t feel comfortable with my body right now and I just want to go to school with a flat chest for once.

  16. hello, My name is Miles and I’m 14 years old. I’m a trans male but like many on this like list my parent don’t support me. I really want a binder to feel like who I am, so I’d be able to be who I want to be without confusing people. It would mean the world to me. I know I may have a strong chance of me not getting one but I’m putting my message out there so maybe someone may read it and see how much it would mean to me.
    thank you for reading and I hope you have a good day.

  17. Hi everyone! My name is Theo and I am in desperate need of a binder. I can’t get a job and I can’t come out to my parents yet. They don’t believe I know who I am until I’m eighteen but I have known for about 4 years that I am Transgender. I try home made binders but they aren’t safe, i almost passed out once from it. I want to be able to express myself for who I am, who I REALLY am and that is Theodore, not Chloe. So I was hopin I could get a binder. I hope you all have a good day and I’ll see all of you later

  18. My name is uriah and im young, too young to be having severe problems with binding, i have no money and my family is against me being trans, this device im on is a secret, i have no connection to the outside world othef than this secret device, its super hard to be who i am, my only kind of binders is a ace bandage, i know its extremely bad and dangerous but i would rather be in constant pain than be called “courtney” or “woman”

  19. I’m just gonna be honest, I need a binder, I’ve been looking [without success] for so long I’ve resorted to self harm because of how much I hate my body. I’m only 14, my family doesn’t accept me and a few of my [close] friends don’t….

    If I could some how get a binder it would help me to become comfortable with my body.

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