Important Update and Move

Thank you for visiting Replace The Ace, a binder program for the FTM community.

Please head over to our new website at to find out more about the program, how to donate, and… drum roll please… 

 Our binder applications have been reopened! 

In addition to this, binder verifications will remain open through July. On July 31st, all OLD requests will expire. Binder verifications will act as NEW requests, with priority based on original request date (as long as we can verify there was an original request).


203 thoughts on “Important Update and Move

  1. I’m trans and my name is Eren! Ive been out as trans for a while and I live in a very transphobic family. I would appreciate a binder very much due to the fact my family refuses to buy me one cause they don’t think I’m valid.

  2. I’m genderfluid and haven’t decided on a neutral name yet, I live in a transphobic/homophobic household and in desperate need of a binder! I’ve been stupidly using ace bandages until last week when I passed out and ended up in hospital. I’m broke, and can’t afford a binder.

  3. Hi, my birth name is Jacey (haven’t decided on a name yet), I’m only 12, and am having gender identity issues. I know for a fact that I am not a girl but I was born as one. I am either transgender (ftm) or non-binary. I have come out to some of my family members and friends, my family doesn’t support me and some of my old friends didn’t either. I would greatly appreciate a binder to feel better about my body.

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