Important Update and Move

Thank you for visiting Replace The Ace, a binder program for the FTM community.

Please head over to our new website at to find out more about the program, how to donate, and… drum roll please… 

 Our binder applications have been reopened! 

In addition to this, binder verifications will remain open through July. On July 31st, all OLD requests will expire. Binder verifications will act as NEW requests, with priority based on original request date (as long as we can verify there was an original request).


181 thoughts on “Important Update and Move

  1. Hi! My name is Camryn and I have been feeling a ton of chest dysphoria recently and would very much like a real binder to do so with. I am genderflux and go by she/They. I have tried bringing it up but my mom won’t let me get a Binder. Thanks! ♥️

  2. So, I just came out to my mother about being bi. I told her that I want to slowly change into FtM. My chest bothers me, and I would be super happy if I had a binder. Finally talk to my hole family!
    Thank you ~

  3. My name is neithan, im 20 and im ftm and im trying to help my friend who need a binder. I cant afford one because i dont have money. Also im doing this but he doesn’t know so thats why I would like to be able to give him a binder…

  4. my name is isa and i have dysphoria around my chest and i have for years, this would mean so much to me. my parents are very homophobic and think the idea of even thinking about changing your body is wrong. i dont have a credit card, let alone money. as i said, this would mean so so much to me. im trying to come out to my family very slowly and so far it isn’t going well.

  5. I’m a young trans boy and replace the ace is a great website for binders it helps people like me and many others I have come out to my parents and they accept me but school sometimes doesn’t help that but seeing others being happy from getting help from a simple little website would’ve never realized how much they help people.

  6. Hi ive been having really intense chest dysphoria to the point of using bandages and would really like to reduce the pain of binding with them, thanks xoxo

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