Important Update and Move

Thank you for visiting Replace The Ace, a binder program for the FTM community.

Please head over to our new website at to find out more about the program, how to donate, and… drum roll please… 

 Our binder applications have been reopened! 

In addition to this, binder verifications will remain open through July. On July 31st, all OLD requests will expire. Binder verifications will act as NEW requests, with priority based on original request date (as long as we can verify there was an original request).


54 thoughts on “Important Update and Move

  1. Hey I’m Mason and in need of a binder. My family are really supportive off me being trans apart from one of my cousins who constantly calls me by my real name so people always get confused because they think that I’m a guy so all I need now to finish my transaction is a binder because I’ve been using different things to make my chest look flat but I’m legit in need of a binder so I don’t need to search different ways to flatten my chest but I would buy a new one but I don’t get that much money off my parents because they always spend their money on bills, food and my little brother because he always wants money so I was wondering if you could help me out

  2. My familys not supportive at all but they told me if i can find a way to get a chest binder i could get one. So thats what im trying to do

  3. My family doesn’t 100% support me being trans And my parents won’t buy me a binder and I have no money or job (I’m 15 y/o) and my parents said if I could find a way to get a binder then I could get one It’s really hard using ace bandages and duct tape and I’ve heard of KT tape but I can’t find a place to get any.

  4. Hi, I’m Riley, and for the past few months I’ve been layering sports’ bras in order to bind my chest, because the first binder that i bought was way too small for me. My parents are a bit transphobic and always correct people when they call me a boy, but I’m sure they’ll learn to support it someday when they find out that it’s not a phase. I don’t know if layering sports’ bras is healthy. It sure does bring a LOT of extra sweat and makes it a little difficult to breathe… I think that’s pretty much it. Thank you for taking the time to read this over!

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