Justin (age 16), Florida

Before receiving my binder I really didnt know what to do. I was lost I felt out of place and using an ace wrap was unhealthy and painful. ,and I was having a horrible time coping with my life. My parents are unsupportive and my job doesnt pay enough for me to buy a binder myself. Looking up binders online I came across this site. I applied thinking “Ill never get in ,and if I do get in ill be put on a waiting list.” I waited a few days and honestly put it to the back of my mind. Upon checking my email days later I had one titled “Binder Request”. I opened the email and realized that not only had I been excepted but they had a binder for me. I was ecstatic , I revived the binder the following week ,free of cost to me. I cant thank Replace The Ace enough for what they did. My life is easier and healthier now because of Replace The Ace (TESTING)